Route from Neustift ca. 45 minutes

Follow the street from the roundabout in the direction milders, but take the first street on the right after the roundabout. Here you reach the swimming pool Neustift. At this place you can park your car. From here you follow the sign to Jausenstation oberer Kartnallhof. You will reach the Oberkartnall in about 45 minutes.

Steep track from Milders

The steep track starts behind the water power point at milders. Follow the sign to Forchach/ Kartnall. If you reach the Forchach Hof you have to follow the street to Kartnall.

From Milders by car or foot

You drive till the water power station. Here you park if you like to go by foot.

Follow by foot or car the street up the hill. you cross the little bridge after some meters  you will see a street up on the right. Follow the street on the right through the tunnel. You will se the Forchach Hof! Follow the street till the end and you will reach the Jausenstation oberer Kartnallhof.